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Welcome to One Green Way, eighty-nine serviced state-of-the-art residences where days are brighter, experiences richer, connections deeper, and moments more memorable. Curving alongside Quinta do Lago’s North Course, our residences bring twenty-first-century living to the next level.

One Green Way is more than a destination. It is a life enriched by sunshine.

Your Best Life, In The Best Light.

Curving alongside Quinta do Lago’s North Course, our state-of-the-art serviced villas and apartments are designed with lifestyle in mind, featuring every amenity that allows residents to make the most of every moment. Highest quality materials and fixtures elevate every experience, while cutting-edge smart technology makes every interaction and occasion effortless.

Live Your
Brightest Life.

Designed for the body and mind, striking a balance between activity and leisure, work and play, assurance and adventure, wish fulfilment and wellness, personal privacy and membership of a select community, One Green Way is home to the very best under the sun. Celebrate feeling perfectly at home in Portugal.

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A distinguished international ensemble of world-renowned architects, designers and business leaders unite to create the fully integrated experience of enlightened living. Working together as a one-of-its-kind team, we bring together a long history of tried and tested expertise, impeccable planning and insight, superior knowledge and craftsmanship, the best of all materials, and the world’s leading and most trusted brands, ensuring the highest global standards at every step of One Green Way.

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